API Senior Policy Advisor to Speak at Fall Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference

API Senior Policy Advisor to Speak at Fall Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference

The use, transport and production of hydrogen is growing quickly, as companies realize governments and the general public continue their decarbonization objectives. Low-carbon hydrogen is increasingly recognized as a potential solution for hard to decarbonize or hard to electrify sectors.

At the U.S. federal government level, there is growing recognition using the universe’s most abundant element in generating energy can have tremendous positive attributes.

“From a policy perspective, there is growing recognition by Congress of the importance of low-carbon hydrogen, particularly some bipartisan pieces of legislation that have been introduced,” according to Jeff Stein, Senior Policy Advisor at API, the American Petroleum Institute.

Stein will be a featured speaker, addressing the industry embracing hydrogen and carbon capture sequestration at the Nov. 11 Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference, at the Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh Southpointe. The one-day conference is presented by H2-CCS, ShaleDirectories.com, and TopLine Analytics.

Stein said Republicans and Democrats have shown a great deal of interest in promoting low-carbon hydrogen and CCS, or carbon capture and sequestration.

“Additionally, there is a bipartisan recognition of the need to build out needed low-carbon infrastructure.”

“Stein’s presentation will provide a window into the very strong interest in low carbon hydrogen and carbon capture in Washington,” stated Tom Gellrich, H2-CCS Network Founder.

While the U.S. Department of Energy has been involved with hydrogen research and development, Stein said never before has there been the broad focus on hydrogen/CCS as there is now.

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