Aerocompact launches high-elevation mounting system for rooftop PV

Aerocompact’s new CompactFLAT GS mounting structure can be installed 40 cm above rooftop surfaces, with tilt angles of 10 and 15 degrees. The company says the product is ideal for bifacial solar arrays and green rooftops.

Austria’s Aerocompact has developed a new high-elevation mounting system that can be used for bifacial rooftop PV projects. The CompactFLAT GS mounting structure has a distance to the rooftop surface of 40 cm and is available in two versions, with tilt angles of 10 and 15 degrees.

“While CompactFLAT GS15 has a tilt angle of 15 degrees and is suitable for installing solar systems with south orientation, Aerocompact has designed the CompactFLAT GS10PLUS system with a tilt angle of 10 degrees for east/west orientation,” the company said. “With south orientation, there is no need for a wind deflector that prevents the reflection of light.”

It claims that the new system is easy to install and maintain, as it only consists of a few components, without the need for long rails. It is suitable for solar arrays on foil and bitumen roofs, as well as concrete and gravel roofs.

The new CompactFLAT GS mounting system comes with a 25-year warranty, according to the company.

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