2023 Outlook Bullish for Appalachian Basin Energy: Appalachian RNG Conference



Save the Dates for These Appalachian Conferences      


Massive incentives drive Appalachian Basin opportunities focus on climate change:


  1. Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) market is emerging as the hot growth sector for the oil and gas industry. Wall Street, DOE and the EPA will be spending billions on this market sector.


Save the Date: Appalachian RNG Conference April 19, 2023 Hilton Garden Inn, Southpointe in Canonsburg, PA.


  1. Multi-Billion dollar hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration projects are in various stages of planning and development. Again, Wall Street and DOE have earmarked billions for these projects.  Many will begin development in 2023 and many more will be announced.


Save the date: Appalachian Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference V November 2, 2023 Hilton Garden Inn, Southpointe in Canonsburg, PA


  1. Class 8 trucks, 18-wheelers, are adopting hydrogen fuel as the OEMs plus new market entrants bring vehicles to market in 2023. Cummins has a complete product of hydrogen engines, which can be drop in replacements for existing diesel trucks. As more and more fleets are introducing hydrogen engines refueling options are appearing, including many creative approaches.


Save the date: Appalachian Hydrogen Transportation Conference 2.0 December 7, 2023 Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton Ohio.



Mark your calendars and plan to attend these very informative conferences.


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