About the Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Network

The Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Network is just that – a network of companies already involved or looking to be involved in this burgeoning industry as it expands into the Appalachian Basin and beyond.

The US DOE continues work on their $1 billion + carbon capture sequestration program. South Korea is well on their way to have 6.2 million hydrogen vehicles on the road by 2040. Here in the US extensive use of hydrogen public transit vehicles is becoming the norm.

This network, founded by energy experts Joe Barone of Shale Directories and Tom Gellrich of Topline Analytics exists for participating businesses to tap into the potential these investments will have across the globe.

Why hydrogen? It’s an energy-dense fuel that when burned produces only water and can be transported in existing natural gas channels.

Why carbon capture and storage? Instead of atmospheric emissions of burning hydrocarbons, capturing carbon dioxide and sequestering in underground formations eliminates climate change concerns.

The industry has all the core competencies to take advantage of these processes but there are many challenges as well as lessons learned from others around the world. Members of the H2-CCS Network will be able to take advantage of these opportunities and work together to create a stable and exciting base of operations for hydrogen storage and carbon capture right here in the Basin while helping to expand the industry across the globe.